We are looking for a new home for our recently acquired puppy. Unfortunately due to a unforeseen allergy problem to the puppy in the household he has to go.
He is a Male half Labrador and half Bernese Mountain Dog and has a great temperament and personality. He would make a great family dog or companion to anyone as he has such a sweet and calm personality and would also be very good with kids. He is very patient and sleeps through the whole night without bother.
Currently he is 14 weeks old and growing at a healthy rate and is being fed top notch food in Acana puppy food. Both his first and second set of shots are done.
When he's grown up he will likely look a labrador for the most part. His coat is very nice and healthy and has been started on housebreaking and crate training and continues to do well on the training front. He is almost potty trained as he goes outside now and not inside the house and even tells us he needs to go outside.
That being said we paid A LOT more for him and his stuff (all brand new) just a short few weeks ago. Our asking price includes ALL of his stuff we bought for him.
Coming along with him is his:
first two sets of shots ( 8 weeks and 12 weeks)
crate/carrier with sleeping pad
bed and blanket
6 different play toys of his including a couple chew toys
His 35 pound food bag of Acana large breed puppy food (almost full bag)
His two treat bags
Bin for his food to be stored in to keep it sealed
puppy pads for potty training (3/4 box full)
leash and collar
cleaning supplies
shampoo and brush
stainless steel food and water bowls
There might be a few other things but thats the just of it.
If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. We are located in Surrey, BC on the south side.