Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Boxer

Age: Young

Sex: F

Size: L
Mary has sure changed quite a bit since we first met her. From a stressed out and scared shelter dog on first meet, to a more relaxed and confident young lady. She was tremendously adored by shelter staff and volunteers where she was first at, and hence her journey to Doolittle&#;s to help her gain more confidence and benefit from some individual obedience training.
She does well with her human friends, and now has a new found friend in Doolittle&#;s mascot male dog. Mary has had a tough life being used as a breeding tool and not looked after the way she should be looked after. She either needs to be the only animal in the household, or introduced slowly with supervision with another dog. She has been getting training with other dogs.. and she is doing really well... the most amazing is the one with our mascot male dog. She is a strong girl, who will need long walks and play to wear her out, and she loves to be loved and be with her human friends mostly.
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Contact: Doolittles Animal Rescue | Surrey, BC